Deli & Sushi

Deli & Sushi

Here in The Grand you can enjoy our exclusive service of Deli Food and Sushi while you make your food purchases. Many different dishes ready to taste on our premises or to take away! The All Day Dining service lets you have some scrambled eggs at noon or a soup at breackfast, if you want…. There is no time limit to eat your favorite food!

Many qualities make The Grand the perfct place in Sunny Isles Beach!

Deli Food

Fresh food ready to go all day long! Here you can have late breakfast no matter the time of day.

Homemade Soups

Delicius fresh and nutritius soups made by our chefs.


One of our favorite fast-foods made with fresh ingredients. Make your own at your taste!

Sushi To Go

Our Sushi Masters are here to prepare you fresh and delicious Sushi specialities to go... arigato!

Other Services